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iPhones – They Got Satisfaction.

Friends and followers, we’ve talked about which phones and operating systems are most popular before.  Remember that great article from PCMag that listed the breakdown percentage of US mobile traffic? Here it is again: 58.8% – Android 32.2% – iOS 6.7% – Blackberry 1.4% – Symbian 0.5% - Windows Phone But recently, The American Customer Satisfaction Index [read more]

Android and iOS: Dominating Mobile OS Market

According to research from Nielson, 89% of consumers who bought a smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2011 bought an Android or iOS device. Impressed? Just wait, it gets better. Here’s the breakdown of US mobile traffic in January of 2012 according to an article by PCMag: 58.8% – Android 32.2% – iOS 6.7% – [read more]