Friends and followers, we’ve talked about which phones and operating systems are most popular before.  Remember that great article from PCMag that listed the breakdown percentage of US mobile traffic? Here it is again:

  • 58.8% – Android
  • 32.2% – iOS
  • 6.7% – Blackberry
  • 1.4% – Symbian
  • 0.5% - Windows Phone

But recently, The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) released the latest consumer satisfaction rankings for mobile phones – and this year is the first year that Apple, Research in Motion, LG, and HTC were included separately.  Just check out the graphic below.

Did you see that?! Android-powered phones may be the most popular, but Apple is the most satisfactory with a hearty 83% rating. This also marks the first time that a mobile company has ever scored above 77 in any ACSI survey. According to the press release issued by ACSI,

“At 83, Apple’s iPhone is a game changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other cell phone company has ever broken into the 80s. Apple’s nearest competitors this year are three companies tied at 75: Nokia (+3%) and ACSI newcomers LG and HTC.”

Do you have a smartphone? Android, Apple, or other? Do you think this survey from ACSI is accurate? We want to know what you think! Tell us below or e-mail us at