Pew Research Center recently reported that 50% of Americans are now on a social networking site of some kind.  And according to, every 60 seconds, social media users across the entire internet:

  • send 98,00 Tweets
  • add 6,600 photos to Flickr
  • update 695,000 Facebook statuses
  • create 20,000 posts on Tumblr
  • send 168 million e-mails

That’s a lot of content flying around!  How can your company get customers to socially share your content in one of those Tweets or posts?  Encouraging customers to connect by “liking” pages is no longer enough.  You have to take it a step further and ensure that they have a meaningful experience with your brand.  Shashi Bellamkonda, director at Network Solutions said in a recent article for Open Forum,

“…Engage with them.  Social media isn’t a one way street. Listen to your customers and reply to their posts. That’s how you turn average customers into brand ambassadors.”

Engaging and encouraging two-way communication with your consumers builds trust and makes them feel important.  And it also increases the likelihood that they will be loyal to your brand. Indeed, we blogged and shared an infographic over the 2011 holiday season that reported 80% of consumers who received a response to their post on a company’s social media page made a purchase because of the interaction.

So how can you take your social media engagement strategy to the next level?  By combining it with your mobile strategy, of course!  comScore’s 2012 Mobile Future in Focus reported that 1 in 3 North Americans now access their social networks on their phones.  In December of 2011 alone, 38.2 million U.S. citizens checked their social media sites on their mobile phones every day.

Your customers are constantly searching for and sharing content from mobile devices while on-the-go.  So it only makes sense that your mobile engagement strategy should be portable and streamlined.  Use social media to encourage sharing and to spark conversations about your brand.  Include information to help your customers make quick decisions.  Reward those customers who take sharing seriously.  Get creative!  The more meaningful and personal the experience is for your customer, the better.