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Promoting Your Big Event with Tech

Whether you’re planning a concert, film festival, city carnival, or company picnic; there are powerful tech tools that can make planning your event easy and fun. Social Media If you’ve read any of our other posts, then you know that people spend a lot of time on social media sites. Just take a look at [read more]

QR Codes 201

Last week’s post was entitled “QR Codes 101” and serves as the prerequisite for this week’s QR lesson.  We’re moving on from what QR codes are and looking at what QR codes can do. Customers love discounts and free stuff.  So using QR codes for coupons rewards customers for their patronage and is a quick and easy [read more]

QR Codes 101

Have you seen one of these yet?  What is the deal with these funny-looking square-shaped bar codes that people scan with their smartphones? Well, they’re called Quick Response Codes or “QR codes” and they’re all the rage. QR codes are popular because they can hold more information than standard UPC bar codes and because smartphones [read more]

Apple: Growing, Growing, Gone.

What would you do with a $100 billion cash hoard?  According to Q1 revenue reports, that’s just how much Apple has in cash reserves.  Well, $97.7 billion to be exact.  Check out the infographic below from Mashable for more about Apple’s worth and tell us what you think!  And don’t miss these stunning figures from Apple’s Q1 [read more]