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When it comes to communication, mobile channels are growing faster than any other. As reported by IDC, a subsidiary of IDG, there are 1.10 billion smartphones in use right now – and that billion-strong worldwide market is expected to grow by another 55% this year. Consumers are using mobile devices for hours each day to talk, text, and decide what to do, what to buy, and where to go – and they are sharing information within their social networks in record numbers.

This is the mobile environment, and your consumers are already here.

You have the opportunity to become more than a brand. It’s time to become part of your consumers’ lives wherever they happen to be. For marketers, this potential for audience engagement and commerce means that you’re ready for a mobile strategy.

You’re ready for MobileClik.


MobileClik allows you to quickly and efficiently enter the mobile channel; effectively opening a doorway between you and your consumer through a fast-start app creation and mobile content management platform.

The first platform created by marketers for marketers, MobileClik makes it simple for organizations, small businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and people everywhere to build high quality mobile apps and enrich relationships with consumers, supporters, clients, and members. All without huge development costs and with nothing more than a web browser.

But the app is just the beginning.

Once your MobileClik custom app is built (incorporating your existing web and social media assets) the advanced mobile platform comes to life. Robust push notifications, geo-location, and other capabilities go beyond the app to effectively target interaction with your audience — all while tapping into high-end mobile implementation and analytics through MobileClik and our development partners.

Prepare to get closer to your audience than ever before.

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